What is the meaning behind 0.2?2022-02-08T22:48:12+00:00

0.2 means instant connection. Science tells us we can experience a connection in one fifth of a second — or 0.2 seconds. We can manifest a special moment with a glance. We’ve crafted the 0.2 cocktail with the intention of creating — and experiencing — these moments.

How is 0.2 unlike other RTDs?2022-02-08T22:48:43+00:00

0.2 is more than quality ingredients and great taste. It is about creating community with a focus on connecting, engaging, interacting and enjoying the moment. Whether spending time with old friends, looking to make new ones, or longing to meet their destiny, 0.2 opens up possibilities and helps us create memorable experiences.

How is 0.2 MEET YOUR DESTINY best served?2022-02-08T22:49:28+00:00

Serve 0.2 ice cold, over ice, or as a custom cocktail featuring 0.2. Serve it with the can and a permanent marker at a party. Your guests can interact with it — and with one another. 0.2 beverages are intended to be shared between two, or possibly even three, people as a cocktail.

Where can I find 0.2 MEET YOUR DESTINY?2022-02-21T17:42:08+00:00

0.2 is available now at Loews Santa Monica Beach Resort and other fine establishments. See where else you can find us! Don’t see us at your favorite restaurant or bar? Ask for us by name! You can also download this sell sheet and give it to your favorite bartender. Thank you!!

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